TBA - To Be Adored

I've had a sneak preview of the drawings of SS11 t.b.a (To Be Adored) collection designed by Brighton based Bin Bin McNiven', and I have to say, I can not wait to start shooting it.

t.b.a provides modern, feminine, and dare I say, kooky all in one, and the difference to other 'uber cool' labels is the attention to detail, as well as the mixture of contrasting fabric in one garment. As well t.b.a desirable, it is a hugely affordable label (love those words in the same sentence), stocked at Urban Outfitters and Asos, t.b.a has already provided us with the oh so adorable high waisted gold leather shorts, silk mushroom printed jacket, and the pom pom dress below.

TBA are doing a Christmas drop for all you fans which consists of a genius nude chiffon and Burgundy velvet play suit combo. if you just cant wait for the new SS11 collection. What a great excuse for buying a new Christmas ensemble.