Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

The amazingly talented make up artist Ashley Ward became my fairy godmother last week whilst on a shoot, when the word dermabrasion fell out of my mouth in the most casual of ways. As if by magic, out came a shiny metallic bottle of Artistry's intensive skincare renewing peel. '8 minutes, twice a week will make all the difference', is all Ashley needed to say to convince me to try this before something more harsh on my truly sensitive skin.

The Artistry claim is that this new at-home peel is meant to exfoliate in a non-abrasive way, encouraging healthy skin to be more visible at the surface.  The exfoliating agent is a mushroom enzymethat works beneath the skin’s surface then neutralizes at a certain pH level. 

Just 8 minutes, and my skin is fresh, and smoother than it was before I found this little treasure! Hurah, bring on the party season!